Cromer Youth … what does it cost?

The last twelve months have been an exciting and challenging time for Cromer Youth FC. We are proud to have been awarded Charter Standard Community Club status – we are one of only eleven clubs in Norfolk to have achieved this award.

It takes a lot of time, hard work and effort to keep the club going and it should be remembered that all coaches and committee members are volunteers – NO-ONE is paid. Even without a wage bill, running a football club is not cheap. We have to raise £14,000 EVERY YEAR just to break even.

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CYFC expenditure 2013-14

Despite everyone’s best efforts, last year our normal expenditure exceeded our income by £3,072 so we had to raid our savings to make ends meet. These savings had been earmarked to contribute to the cost of a football ground that we can call home one day, and reducing them in this way is not something that we should rely on every year.

For this reason we have reluctantly decided to increase the club membership fee to £25. Training and match subs will stay at £2 per session, but we would like to remind parents that non-payment of subs makes it harder to keep the club financially viable. In future, players will not be allowed to play matches if their membership is unpaid.

If all all subs & memberships are up-to-date, the everyday running costs of the club will be covered and fundraising activity can be directed towards providing added extras that everyone can enjoy.